State Owners Corp have compiled a collection of Useful Forms for your convenience


Click here to download your Owners Corporation Proxy form

If you cannot attend an owner corporation meeting, you can appoint a person to represent you. This person ‘holds a proxy’ and their vote is counted as yours.

You may authorise a person in writing to act as your proxy to:

  • attend, speak or vote on your behalf at an owners corporation meeting
  • vote on your behalf in a ballot
  • represent you on the owners corporation committee.

To nominate a proxy, you must complete an Owners corporation proxy form and deliver it to the owners corporation secretary.

A proxy will lapse 12 months after the form is delivered to the secretary, unless an earlier date is specified.


Request to Inspect Owners Corporation Register

Click here to fill out your Request to Inspect form

Click here to download the Request to Inspect Owners Corporation Register Form


Owners Corporation Committee Nomination

Click here to fill out a Committee Nomination Form

Click here to download a Committee Nomination Form