The sooner you involve us, the better

Our team can help create shared goals that embrace the constantly evolving structure of rules, laws, financial responsibilities and lifestyle aspirations of community living.

Time and again we see cases where a lack of focus on owner corporation issues during the design process has resulted in excessive costs at the time of sale and beyond.


Our Developers Services include:

  • Walking you through the legal and financial challenges of establishing an owners corporation
  • Provide quick, efficient and seamless handover process
  • Assist you in preparing Owners Corporation special rules to be adopted
  • Register the rules with the Titles Office
  • Assist in the smooth operation of the property when it formally becomes an owners corporation, ensure no delays with settlements
  • Ensure you meet all legal obligations


The benefits of working with State Owners Corp include:

  • Ensure that the Owners Corporation maintains current insurance at an appropriate level in accordance with the act and the Owners Corporation Act and regulations
  • Prepare Owners Corporation certificates in a timely manner to ensure settlements are kept on track
  • Consult on Plan of Subdivision prior to registration
  • Set up budgets required to advertise your properties in the early marketing stages and work with you to finalise budgets for settlement
  • Prepare and publish a resident information booklet for new tenants when they move into the building
  • Keep ourselves, you and your Owners Corporation up to date with all relevant laws – such as the Owners Corporation Act 2006 and Regulations 2007; Subdivision Act 1988; Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and Regulations; Building Act 1993; and Building Regulations 2006