With knowledge and the right advice owners corporations can operate seamlessly

It is important that when issues arise they are dealt with promptly. We pride ourselves in responding to client needs through action and communication.
It is our mission to provide a superior service to our members.

This can be achieved by having competent and experienced staff who receive regular training and strive for excellence.

We provide consistency in all aspects of client services and communications. Our desire to provide you with the best results means we keep up with all industry innovations, adopting technologies and techniques to benefit you. Our staff are great at planning and implementing strategies through teamwork, which we believe is paramount to your success, and ours!

Working with State Owners Corp means you are guaranteed professionalism and industry excellence.

We remain committed to the highest standard of service excellence that has been founded on our core values.


Above all, the dedicated staff at State Owners Corp values



Experience the Difference with State Owners Corp

At State Owners Corp, we always go the extra mile because you, and your property, matter to us. We know that one solution doesn’t fit all owners or properties.
As such we are dedicated to working, hands on, with each member and committee to reach the best possible results.